Garden Consulting
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How it works //

Due to the inability to meet in person at this time I am scheduling garden consults via video! During our time together I will listen to your goals + dreams for your growing space. I will observe your site and make recommendations based on your soil and space. I will walk you through basic recommendations for the layout of your garden space, how to prepare the soil using no-till methods, how to create a planting calendar that incorporates what you would like to grow, and other skills of your choosing. If there is a very specific skill or project you would like to consult on we can do that too. I can work one-on-one or with families and I encourage you to engage your children in the process of learning plants and growing food! After our time together I will follow up with resources and a written plan that covers what we discussed. If you would like to schedule additional time with me you are also welcome to do so after that!


Skills I can teach //

Designing a new garden to fit your needs - ease, beauty, yield, etc.
Understanding your soil
Soil health + soil building techniques

Gardening with and designing gardens for children/grandchildren
Plant identification
Wild edible plants + their uses
Composting design + set-up
Starting seeds at home
Introduction + growing techniques for common vegetables
Bio-intensive planting techniques
Watering techniques
Harvesting + processing techniques
Canning + Preserving
Crop planning
Crop rotation
Cover crops
Perennial plant installation
Seed Saving



Who I work with // Anyone who has the desire to grow food and medicine.

Location // From the comfort of your own home via Zoom, Google Duo, or Facetime!


Pricing // At this time I am offering pay-what-you can for 30 minute or 1 hour sessions. I can also work with you more than one time. Payment is accepted through my website (Square) or Venmo. My usual pricing is $100 which includes the following;

 [   ] Filling out a survey that will help me understand what you would like to learn together

 [   ] Meeting with me for an hour to an hour and a half to plan your garden

 [   ] Following our meeting you receive a plan outlining the skills we covered, providing you with more free
        resources from my library and a growing plan.

The why //

It can sometimes be daunting and/or time consuming to scour books and the internet for resources about growing real food, caring for soil, or identifying plants, even though all the information is certainly out there! I spend a lot of time researching, reading, and meeting with my mentors ranging from farmers, ecologists, seed savers, and wild plant enthusiasts. If you are like me, I learn best when I am shown a skill and can practice it with others. This is the way I was first taught about plants as young child. Many people I meet want to grow food for themselves or their family in intentional ways that support the land and its species, but are overwhelmed and do not know where to start. I would love to help you get growing in your own space. Everyone can learn these skills and while gardening does take time, there are ways to set it up to suit your needs + lifestyle.

It all starts with your soil. 


About Me // 

I have 8 years of farming experience using sustainable + organic methods. I previously co-operated a CSA vegetable farm and have 5 years experience working as an agricultural educator. I love teaching these skills more than anything and I believe in making it accessible, affordable, and fun. I see growing food and working with the soil as a life-long learning experience and I learn more and more each season. Some day I hope to start my own seed cooperative with other farmers.




















For groups, organizations, schools //
If you are a group and would like to work with me for workshops or consulting I am available for that as well. Send me an email at with the idea for your project and we can go from there.



My hope is that you will feel more confident in caring for you land + growing the plants and foods that you desire at home, on your farm, in your community garden, wherever it is that you grow.  

Check out my YouTube Channel for free lessons!



Some of My Favorite Resources //

The Market Gardener by J.M. Fortier
The Lean Farm Guide to Growing Vegetables by Ben Hartman

How to Grow More Vegetables and Fruits by John Jeavons
The Organic Medicinal Herb Grower by Jeff and Melanie Carpenter
The New Organic Grower by Elliot Coleman
The Winter Harvest Handbook by Elliot Coleman
The Seed Garden - Seed Savers Exchange
Managing Alternative Pollinators by Eric Mader, Marla Spivak, and Elaine Evans
Farming with Native Beneficial Insects by The Xerces Society
Online Crop Guides - Seed Savers Exchange

Online Resources - Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance
Growers Library - Johnny's Seeds