Today was a restful day on the farm. A few potatoes were dug and a delicious sugar baby watermelon was plucked from the garden. It was perfectly ready and only moments later it was devoured in front of a jealous hen (don't worry I gave her a few slices). Two inspiring women filmmakers sat around our kitchen table discussing the beauty of collaboration, community, and all the changes we want to see as tenders and caretakers of both children and land. Homemade pizza baked in the oven with golden beets on top grown by another women farmer and friend, Danelle. I drank too much coffee, contemplated the gravity of today's world, chatted for hours, and realized that these are the moments that make the most sense to me, when we slow down, sit around the table, connect, and make plans on how to move forward sifting through what it means to be human. Thank you sugar baby watermelon. I appreciate your gift today.

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